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Calm, Safe, Professional

Whatever kind of pregnancy and birth you plan, feeling calm, relaxed and in control makes the experience more positive.  Using hypnobirthing techniques you can make a positive difference to your pregnancy, birth and afterwards.  

By regular practice you can learn to be calmer and more confident to get the best from what is in store. I can't promise miracles but my experience as a midwife can give you a realistic view of what is possible and to explore the most positive path for you. Please look at my testimonials or go over to my facebook page for more info

"Me and my wife took part in one of Maddy's hypnobirthing classes during

lockdown and Corona virus.

I can say without doubt that it was a vital tool for me and my wife during the pregnancy labour and birth of our son. Not only did it give us a much clearer way to understand the physiological side of pregnancy and birth it also it also taught us invaluable techniques to plan for and stay calm and focused when things didnt

go to plan. 

We both can't thank Maddy enough and I have no doubt that the whole experience was made significantly better by completing the course and I would recommend it to anyone I know that is


Thanks again 

Oli, Zoe and baby Axl"



Hypnobirthing isn't a trend or a fad. It's a technique of getting back to basics, understanding what is happening within your body and working with nature to achieve the best birth for you. As a midwife, I believe in calm, safe and professional support during the journey to becoming parents. Hypnobirthing explores how to make pregnancy and birth a more positive and empowering experience. Combined with over 25 years of midwifery experience I can help you plan a realistic birth exploring all the possibilities which are open to you.

"Thank you again, your help has been invaluable in getting both our boys here safely and we will always be grateful to you"

Rachel, mum of 2 boys age 3 and newborn 



Maddy Findlay
Whitley Bay
Tyne and Wear
NE26, UK


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