Do you want to learn how to be more calm, relaxed and informed throughout your pregnancy and afterwards? The course enables you to receive all the information you need to be prepared to have your baby. It's taught over around 8 hours broken down into manageable sessions with support up to the birth if you wish.

I am now happy to teach you in the comfort of your home or by using Zoom.

Courses cost £250 for one to one sessions in your home or £200 via Zoom.



This session looks at your antenatal and birth preparation. Do you want a natural birth? Do you want to plan a home birth? Thinking about caesarian?  We will explore what is happening to your body and how to harmonise the body's responses with the mind. We will look at the realities of labour and birth and how to get the best from what nature has in store for us. We will also look at how to adapt to changes in our plans and how to use decision making strategies. 


This class follows on from session one and recaps on the basics of labour and birth. We will also touch on strategies to use when things don't go as planned. We shall do lots of practice of relaxations and work together to understand the process more fully. There will be lots of breathing and visualisations and maybe some laughter too!



This session covers the weeks before birth and how to manage on the day. By now you will have learned the techniques and will have the skills to plan how they can be used on the day.  It is where we look at our birth plan and explore what is possible in a safe and positive way for you. Your body, your choices, always


One to one courses can now take place in your own home at a cost of £250.
Alternatively I am happy to teach via Zoom over 3 or 4 sessions at a time convenient for you at a reduced rate of £200. These can be one to one or group sessions depending on demand